In SOFT RAIN, Sacha Goedegebure Plays with Our Perceptions

Brennan, a middle-aged man visibly worn out from the monotony of his daily routine, gets a reluctant glimpse into the way that a carefree stranger he meets at the bus stop perceives the world around them, and ends up โ€“ ever so slightly โ€“ transformed by it.

In Soft Rain, director and 3D veteran Sacha Goedegebure gives us a magical realist look at depression and cognitive distortion. The animated short film was produced in a unique claymation style at Omens Studios in Singapore and marks my second collaboration with Sacha after 2008’s ground-breaking Big Buck Bunny.

The central narrative angle of the film is one of transformation โ€“ first of the audience’s viewpoint, then of the protagonist himself. My score reflects this metamorphosis, flipping the perspective and interpretation of the visual action and taking the audience on a journey through the two main characters’ world views. As the audio director of the production, I was also responsible for the complete sound design and re-recording mix.

The short film is set to hit the international festival circuit in 2021 and will be released online afterwards.