Andrew Price Re-Imagines His Most Famous Creation… 13 Times

Baker's Dozen Donuts

Anyone who has even so much as dabbled in learning Blender, the almost-too-good-to-be-true 3D creation suite that has become one of the lead actors in the success story of free software, has probably come across the name of Andrew Price. The Australian-based 3D artist, aptly nicknamed Blenderguru, has famously created some of the most beloved and ubiquitous educational videos that have been essential companions of budding 3D artists for more than a decade.

Andrew’s latest project harkens back to the colorful donuts that served as the workpieces in his early tutorials and have since become his calling card. Under the title Baker’s Dozen, he has created a collection of highly stylized, eye-catching animation loops featuring all kinds of donut-shaped objects that range from the photorealistic to the whimsical. The “originals” of these creations were then auctioned off in digital form, with all of the proceeds going to the Blender development fund to support the future of the software project.

I was excited to join the project as its audio director, creating seamless music loops and sound design for each of the animations.