About Me

Jan (Artist's Impression) by David RevoyHi, I’m Jan Morgenstern. I’m a composer and sound designer by nature and profession, and you can hire me to work on your projects. I have provided music and sound for numerous feature and short films, TV productions, advertisements, and video games; to browse a list of these projects, head over to the References page.

What drives me is the belief that every good piece of art – from a Mozart sonata all the way to a well-designed tube of toothpaste – tells a story. These innumerable stories that surround us every day form the essence of our own ideas, passions, and dreams. And each one of them has an unspoken part in it that words and pictures cannot convey. Music completes these stories.

Do you have a story to tell? Get in contact with me!

About the Studio

My working place is located in a small village in Northern Germany that’s just a stone’s throw away from both the media metropolis Hamburg and the beautiful, historic town of Lüneburg. It’s a modern, yet cozy production studio that has all technical facilities for the complete realization of music and post production tasks in both stereo and surround formats, as well as a recording room for voice talents, vocalists, session musicians, and ensembles.

  • Mac Pro DAW w/ UAD-2 DSP Card
  • SmartAV Tango DAW Controller
  • Metric Halo and MotU Converters
  • PMC and Tannoy Monitors
  • Earthworks, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG Mics
  • Sample Libraries by Vienna Symphonic, East West, Audiobro, Spectrasonics, Spitfire, Cinesamples, Tonehammer, ProjectSAM, Synthogy, Toontrack
  • Rancilio Silvia 2010 Espresso Machine w/ PID Temperature Control