Project Portfolio

Fuzz Animation Showreel

Type: Showreel
Task: Scoring
Client: Fuzz Animation
Year: 2014

A sweeping orchestral score for the showreel of US animator Nathan Dillows’ production company, Fuzz Animation, which specializes on 3D animated family entertainment.


Type: Video Game
Task: Scoring
Client: Sceptical Skull
Year: 2015

Crescent Wallpaper

Explore the terrifying depths of an unsound mind in CRESCENT, a unique indie survival horror experience, currently in development for PC and Mac by Sceptical Skull.

The atmospheric adventure game is set for a Kickstarter campaign later this year as soon as development enters beta status. One of the Kickstarter goals will be a complete in-game soundtrack written by yours truly, so please do keep an eye on it! In the meantime, check out the eerie main theme that I wrote for the game’s titles:

DataPhysics Instruments

Type: Chemistry Lab Equipment
Task: Sound Design
Client: DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
Year: 2014

User interface sound design for a range of chemical laboratory equipment manufactured by German specialist DataPhysics Instruments.

Caminandes: Gran Dillama

Type: Short film
Task: Scoring, audio post production
Client: Pablo Vazquez
Year: 2013

Directed by Pablo Vazquez and produced by Francesco Siddi, the second episode of the 3d animated cartoon series Caminandes, titled Gran Dillama, was released in late 2013. Just like its predecessor Llama Drama, it features a fun, big band-infused orchestral score written and produced by me. I was also responsible for the sound design and the mixing.

At the 2014 International Film Music Festival in Córdoba, Spain, my score for Caminandes: Gran Dillama won a Jerry Goldsmith Award in the category of Best Score for an Animated Short Film. At the 2014 Soundtrack Cologne conference in Germany, it got a nomination for a Peer Raben Music Award.

Watch Caminandes: Gran Dillama on YouTube:


Listen to the score:

Glad Forceflex Odorshield

Type: Advertising
Task: Music and audio post production
Client: Alma Agency, Miami
Year: 2013

TV and online ad campaign for Glad® Odorshield® brand plastic trash bags. I produced the music and sound design for this series of 3D animated ads, which is currently airing on national TV in the USA. The commercials were made by Miami-based Alma Agency.
Watch the ads on YouTube:

MED-EL: The World is Rondo

Type: Advertising
Task: Scoring, Audio Post Production
Client: Arx Anima
Year: 2013

An image film for RONDO, the world’s first single-unit cochlear implant (CI) processor developed and manufactured by international medical technology specialist MED-EL. The promotional spot was designed and produced by Austrian animation studio arx anima; I was responsible for the music and audio post production.

Watch the spot on YouTube:

Basse: The Movie – ABAX Image Film

Type: Image Film
Task: Scoring, Sound Design, Mixing
Client: Sandnes Media AS, ABAX
Year: 2013

A 5-minute, tongue-in-cheek Best Customer Practices video for Norwegian provider of triplog and vehicle tracking solutions, ABAX. Directed and animated by Hans Sandnes.

Basse: The MovieBasse: The Movie


Type: Short Film
Task: Scoring
Client: Team Tortoisebutler
Year: 2013

CrossesTwo police officers arrive at the scene of a cyber crime. During their investigation, they realize that the perpetrator is still in the building. They chase and manage to capture the hacker, but the job goes awry when one of them realizes he has seen the subject before…

crosses1Directed by Alia Sheikh, the 5-minute sci-fi short film CROSSES was made during the weekend of April 6th 2013 as part of the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge. After the team was randomly assigned a title, a line of dialogue and a prop on Saturday noon, a script was developed, all footage shot overnight, and editing, post-production and scoring done in a coffee-fueled 24-hour flurry before the deadline struck.


Type: Short Film
Task: Scoring, Sound Design, Mixing
Client: Pablo Vazquez
Year: 2013

Short film directed by 3D veteran Pablo Vazquez that tells the Story of a guanaco trying to cross a not-so-deserted road somewhere in the Patagonian desert. I was responsible for the scoring and the complete audio production. Watch Caminandes on YouTube:

Detective Agency No. 2

Type: Audiobook, Advertising
Task: Scoring, Audio Post Production
Client: Sandnes Media AS / Gyldendal
Year: 2012

Written by Jørn Lier Horst and illustrated by Hans Jørgen Sandnes, Detective Agency Nr. 2 is a series of detective stories for children ages 6 and up. For the audiobook adaptation of the first two books, as well as the book launch trailer, I’ve written a fun big-band score with a distinct Mancini influence, the main theme of which was nominated in 2013 for a Jerry Goldsmith Award in the category of Best Music in Advertisement.

Watch the trailer: